James Agada commented on okwui agada's article Potholes and the poor condition of our roads
"Preventing roads from going bad and developing pot holes involves
1. Proper design of the road.
2. Constructing the road to the design and specification
3. Proper usage of the road
4. Preventive and proactive maintenance.
The first step in designing…"
Aug 20, 2019
James Agada commented on Emeka Okoye's article How Do We Turn Ideas Collected Here Into Actions
"Questions like this should actually go to the Q&A Forum but since it is topical, we can address it.
We are moderating questions and answers, infact all posts. Anyone can post a problem to be analysed and for solutions to be proferred. Our first…"
Jul 31, 2019
James Agada posted a discussion
Welcome to the Q&A Forum on Solvi.ng. The questions we ask here are preferably focused on either describing a problem or solution or seeking for quick answers or opinions. Questions and answers are curated for relevance.
Apr 30, 2019