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Uber uses a fare calculation algorithm that factors in time spent on the ride as well as the distance and other factors when determining the fare to be charged. We cn't easily apply this to a public bus system. To start with there are many…
Oct 11
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Making these mounds are laborious and contributes to the high cost of yam farming. What will a mechanical yam mound maker look like?
Jun 1
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We have roasted corn same way for ages. This method of making a fire and putting the corn around it is fine for camp fires but it is not good for those living in flats in high rises and it is not scalable. You can not roast a large number of corns…
May 30
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"The problem of bad roads and potholes can be split into several intelerlocking problems
1. Preventing roads from going bad or from developing potholes. Prevention
2. Fixing potholes before they destroy the road. Pro-active maintenance.
Aug 11, 2019
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