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  • Questions like this should actually go to the Q&A Forum but since it is topical, we can address it.

    We are moderating questions and answers, infact all posts. Anyone can post a problem to be analysed and for solutions to be proferred. Our first assumption is that the person posting the problem has a need for solution and will therefore be able to apply the solutions discussed. Or use the insights from Research Central

    to inform his solution. We will follow up to see if that person used the solution. This means of course that we will not be accepting problems we think do not stand a chance of being solved or a solution will not benefit anyone or the solution cannot be found or we think is totally off point. Some problems will elicit solutions that are going to require national action or political action or such. Our objective is to elicit analysis of the problem and collect possible solutions. We are not going to implement the solution. We will trust that whoever raised the problem and others who contributed in the analysis or solutioning will be in a position to take it forward. Or what do you suggest?

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    We try to share our problems. Develop deep knowledge of the problems and then offer solutions to these problems with our network of solvers.
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